Oraya Radiotherapy


Cross-sectional image of an eye showing the pathway X-ray therapy takes to reach the target area of the retina.

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What is Oraya Radiotherapy?

In Wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) there is the formation of fragile, leaky choroidal vessels, inflammation and scarring.

Radiation selectively destroys abnormal cells by X-rays, rather than themporarily supress as happens with Anti-VEGF injections. It has the potential to slow down or stop this growth selectively, as well as to reduce inflammation and scarring. This has the potential to produce a more long-lasting effect. 

Is radiation safe?

Radiation is all around us from natural and man-made sources, including medical procedures and flying in an airplane. Oraya Therapy give a local dose of X-rays to the macula and nearby locations within the eye so that the ‘effective’ radiation dose to the whole body will be low, well below levels thought to result in a significant risk.


Oraya’s system continually monitors the treatment eye position with sophisticated software to assure accurate targeting and minimize risk associated with radiation exposure optic nerve and the lens.

How does this compare to other treatments?

What this therapy can offer is the potential to reduce the burden of multiple injections for patients with age related macular degenerations.

How soon will I see improvements?

After having this treatment on a one off basis, patients can expect a reduction in the number of injections they will subsequently need over the following year. Typically this reduction is about a third off, on average, but in some cases can lead to a halving in the number of injections needed compared to patients without the Oraya therapy.

How can I get this treatment?

The Retina Specialist team is the only one to be able to offer this in the North West and we were instrumental in recent trials that demonstrated its efficacy. We have benefitted from the wealth of experience this has given us on this new and exciting technology.  

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