(Age-Related Macular Degeneration) 


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What is Wet AMD?

Wet age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) is the less common type of AMD, accounting for about 15% of all cases. However, it is a much more urgent condition because it accounts for the majority of cases of irreversible sight loss in the Western World.

The disease is age-related and is caused by blood vessels growing and spreading under the retina. These blood vessels can leak fluid, causing the retina to swell or bleed causing a retinal haemorrhage. Without treatment it can lead to scarring under the retina.

It is important to detect and treat the disease early as treatments can arrest the disease but in most cases can not repair damage as a result of the disease. 

Wet AMD causes a painless alteration and reduction in the vision. In the early stages of disease there may only be a mild change due to swelling under the retina. This can initially cause distortion of vision, one may find that things that should look straight such as edges of doors, window frames etc. look curved. In later stages vision may deteriorate and everything start to look blurred.

If you suspect you have Wet AMD

  • See a retina specialist as soon as possible
  • Request an OCT scan, which can diagnosis the diease.
  • Have a fluorescein angiogram to complete a full assesment.


If you have been diagnosed with Wet AMD

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