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What do Lucentis and Avastin Do?

One of the contributing factors for diabetic eye disease is a substance called vascular endothelial growth factor ( VEGF) which causes vessels to become leaky and fluid to exudate. Lucentis and Avastin block this growth factor and can lead to incredible improvements in the abnormal fluid levels in the macular of the eye. This may lead to improvements in vision allowing patients to see clearly in their central vision allowing things such as easier reading, recognising of faces, watching tv and driving.

Is it safe?

Recent studies have shown incredible results in treatment of diabetic macular disease by treating with injecting these anti–vegf injections into the back of the eye.

What does the treatment involve?

With these injections we often need to consider repeating at regular intervals around 4-6 weeks apart to get the best effect and missing appointments or irregular follow up can lead to less than optimal results. It may sound a difficult thing to have injections into the eye but actually most patients don’t find it too bad.

Patients are prepared with drops to disinfect the eye and anaesthetic drops to numb the eye and prevent pain. The injection itself takes a few seconds once all preparation has been done - It has certainly revolutionised care of diabetic patients and optimum care now involves expert use of anti-vegf agents as well as laser and intravitreal steroid injections by specialists in retinal disease.

Why should I choose Retina Experts?

Expedient, appropriate use of treatment regimens will be different for each patients needs and Retina Experts use best available scientific research evidence to be able to offer the best tailored combination of any or all of these therapies at times that perfectly suit patients and their condition.

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